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About Dr. Edden

Welcome to Walk Lite Life Coaching Services! My name is Dr. Edden Agonafer. I am a Christian Black woman who is deeply committed to understanding people's journeys to healing and thriving. I am also very passionate about the intersection of Christian faith and wellness.


I completed my doctorate degree at Fuller Theological Seminary with an emphasis on the integration of psychology and Christianity. After many years of formal training, clinical work with therapy clients, teaching graduate students, and my own journey of healing and thriving, I felt encouraged to share the wisdom I discovered.


Through Walk Lite Coaching Services, I hope to offer support to people as they explore life's challenges and uncover the truth about wellness and healing from a Christian, biblical perspective.

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"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

– John 8:32

My Mission


My mission is to help people identify limiting thoughts and beliefs that interfere with their ability to live an abundant life as Christ promised. By sitting with people in this capacity, my prayer and hope is that they walk away after each session feeling seen, understood, and given the tools they need to overcome these thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

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